Chief Inspector at the Sierra Leone Police’s Complaint Disciplinary Internal Investigations Department (CDIID), Chief Inspector Emmanuel Yamba has conducted awareness raising sensitisation of Harbour Police officers on election offences likely to be committed by police.

The Chief Inspector outlined several offences that could likely be committed by police personnel before, during and after elections. During the sensitisation, C I Yamba admonished police officers to be professional during the election in order to avert chaos that could incur bad reputation to the Police.

The Information Officer at the Harbour Police Division, Ahmed S. Turay revealed that the Chief Inspector advised police officers not to associate themselves with party activities like taking photos with politicians or wearing of party colours.

Present at the ceremony was also the CDIID Coordinator for Freetown East, Chief Inspector Raymond Kabba who also urged police personnel to be professional and apolitical.

The Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the Division, Chief Superintendent of Police Kpulun appreciated the effort made by CDIID to educate fellow police officers and also advised officers present to work with the lessons learnt.