Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah has firmly committed to rejuvenating the Government Printing Department with a focus on boosting revenue for education.

The minister’s pledge was made on Friday, October 6th, during his visit to the Government Printing Press Department, highlighting his unwavering dedication to enhancing crucial public services.

Minister Bah has outlined an ambitious plan, which encompasses the modernization of the Government Printing Department’s infrastructure and technology, streamlining operational processes, and enhancing its capacity to meet the evolving requirements of government agencies. This revitalization effort is expected to result in more efficient document production and distribution, ultimately benefiting both citizens and the government.

Additionally, Minister Chernor Bah, assured the Government Printing Department staff of imminent improvements during his tenure. He emphasized the importance of augmenting revenue generation and conducted a comprehensive assessment of the department’s operations.

The head of the Government Printer, Salifu Lahai Suma, guided the Minister and his team, which included Deputy Minister Yusuf Keketoma Sandi Esq., Permanent Secretary Dr. Joe Fayia Nyuma, and other senior staff from the Ministry of Information and Civic Education. During the tour, outdated machinery that cannot meet modern demands was highlighted.

Minister Bah pledged to explore the Department’s potential involvement in printing materials for the Free Quality Education program to boost revenue. He stressed the significance of prioritizing the department and encouraged the acquisition of modern equipment for efficient printing, stating,

This is our government printing office; it must be prioritized.

The Minister expressed his appreciation for the staff’s dedication to the nation and urged them to maintain a clean and conducive workplace.

The minister’s commitment to this two-pronged strategy underscores his dedication to advancing both administrative efficiency and the country’s educational system.

Citizens and stakeholders are eagerly anticipating the implementation of these plans, which hold the promise of positive outcomes for Sierra Leone’s government and educational sector.