David Moinina and Sengeh, the Chief Minister for the Republic of Sierra Leone, has issued a passionate call to all ministers to work diligently towards achieving the government’s objectives and fostering a sense of national pride.

The call came after several appointed ministers underwent thorough vetting and subsequent approval processes before being certified as official cabinet members.

The Chief Minister, who has been tasked with overseeing all ministries and ensuring their productivity, expressed unwavering commitment to his duty and service to the nation.

He further encouraged his fellow ministers to share the same dedication.

Addressing the ministers, Sengeh emphasized the significance of collective focus on development, stating that when all ministers align their efforts with the shared vision and direction of the government, the country’s progress can be expedited.

He underscored the urgency of their role in propelling the nation towards transformation and growth.

He conveyed his message with utmost clarity: “This is a message I would like my colleagues, heads of ministries, departments, and agencies to remember: all we ask for is your best. When your best is aligned with our shared vision and direction, we’ll transform our country in record time. My primary role as CM is to debug!