Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh has called out the organizers and funders of an illegal protest supposed to take place today.

According several audios released on social media the so-called protest was supposed to start on Monday, September 11 and ends on Wednesday, September 13.

But it appears that the local population has refused to beckon to the call of the organizers as reports from parts of the country indicate a peaceful atmosphere albeit a pause on business activities.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Sengeh and other stakeholders in Freetown made a tour to ascertain peoples’ wellbeing and security updates within the city. He assured the people of their maximum support at all times in making sure that the peace is maintain at all levels, adding that, the people of the country own the streets and are supposed to have the peace they required.

“From Lumley to PZ, through east end police, kissy, Willington to Calaba Town, we assured the people of their maximum security. We, the citizens, own the streets. We, the patriots, own this city. Cowards hiding behind keyboards paid for by bad politicians will remain in the dark,” he maintained.