The Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, His Excellency Mr. Wang Qing, on Friday 18 August 2023 reassured the Speaker of the Sierra Leone Parliament, Rt. Hon. Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu, of his country’s determination to strengthen its bilateral cooperation and diplomatic relations with and to continue to give support to Sierra Leone.

During a courtesy visit to the Speaker’s office in Parliament at Tower Hill, Freetown, Ambassador Wang conveyed a congratulatory message from the Speaker’s counterpart in China, the Chairman of the National People’s Congress (NPC) of China to the Speaker of Parliament for his re-election.

He reaffirmed that the bilateral relations between China and Sierra Leone are comprehensive and strategic and that their partnership affects all aspects, including Government to Government, Parliament to Parliament and people-to-people relations, amongst others.

The Ambassador said he was particularly happy to see new progress and development since he came to Sierra Leone and highlighted recent Chinese cooperation in infrastructural development projects and support including in particular the construction and handing over of the diplomatic academy, military vessels to the Navy and Chinese medical teams at the Jui Chinese Medical Hospital, the Laboratory at 34 Military Hospital, and the new agricultural team in Bo City.

He also spoke about the feasibility study in respect of the Black Johnson Fishing Harbour, solar street light and water borehole projects as well as the agricultural market.

He reassured the Speaker of their support to the Government’s Big Five Changers Agenda especially the Feed Salone Project. He added that the two countries diplomatic relations were now predicated on exploring new and exciting opportunities especially after the June 24th General Elections, emphasizing their President being among the first to send a congratulatory message to President Bio on his re-election, and reaffirming their President‘s readiness to work in solidarity with President Bio taking into account Sierra Leone’s recent overwhelming election to the United Nations Security Council.

The Ambassador concluded that in acknowledgement of the important role of Parliament they are extending a special invitation to Parliament to send 10 Parliamentarians to the upcoming Training Workshop in China in November this year.

Responding to the Ambassador, the Speaker expressed deep appreciation to the Chairman of NPC for his warm message of congratulations for his re-election.

The Speaker also used the opportunity to thank the Government and People of China for being among the first to extend a congratulatory message to President Bio on his re-election.

The Speaker underscored the endorsement by Parliament of the strategic and compressive bilateral cooperation between the two countries and emphasized that they would want the relationship to be further enhanced and strengthened in the years ahead.

He applauded China’s readiness to give full support to President Bio’s new agenda of the Big Five Game Changers and informed the Ambassador that Parliament was already fully engaged in recalibrating its oversight responsibilities in ways that would bring about an effective contribution to the realisation of the objectives of the Big 5 Game Changers as enunciated in President Bio’s New Agenda.

Hon. Bundu concluded by imploring China to help create the conducive environment that would facilitate the partnership and participation of countries in Africa like Sierra Leone in the achievement of the aims and objectives of the BRICS community of countries.

Speaking on the continued support of the Chinese cooperation he told the Ambassador that China has been an old and dependable friend and they as a Parliament would continue to look forward to them taking appropriate steps to maximise the benefits of the support of China to the development of Sierra Leone.

Credit: Parliamentary and Public Relations Department Parliament of Sierra Leone