The Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Ambassador Wang Qing presents the Mengtian Prize and Memorial Price to some youths who participated in the My Dream Painting Competition.

This event occurred in the presence of about 100 students and teachers from the University of Sierra Leone and Fourah Bay College Secondary School and Primary School attended the event.

Ambassador Wang, in addressing the audience brought up China’s brilliant achievements in investigating space and developing its aerospace industry and declared that Sierra Leonean youths are looking up to the stars and hounding their dreams, and their colorful paintings have communicated the best wishes for China- Sierra Leone cooperation, peace and development, human progress, and a better life.

โ€œThis is a true picture of the cultural exchanges and people-to-people bond between China and Sierra Leone. It is believed that this event will help stimulate the curiosity and desire for knowledge of the students and further deepen the traditional friendship between China and Sierra Leone,โ€ said the Ambassador.

Participating youths declared that they had attained a lot from the event and felt the deep friendship of the Chinese people for the African people. They expressed their determination to study harder to promote the sustainable development of China-Sierra Leone relations.