The Cyber Investigative Unit (CIU) at Police Headquarters, with supervision and guidance from the Inspector General of Police, Mr.William Fayia Sellu has succeeded in unravelling an age long criminal enterprise run by correctional service inmates and their collaborators outside.

The CIU which is a Special Unit created and operated by specially trained personnel at Police Headquarters under the guidance and supervision of the IGP, ,launched a robust investigation into – complaints and concerns raised over rampant cyber fraud, conspiracy to defraud, impersonations and other cyber related offences between October to November 2022.

The reports confirmed millions of leones in cash and properties worth millions of leones being swindled from unsuspecting business tycoons and stakeholders in society by inmates who disguised themselves in the photos of authorities in government on social (Facebook and WhatsApp).

Three prominent suspects discovered to have been running the cyber fraud enterprise for years include Ibrahim S Barba alias Big time, Daniel George and Saidu Plastic alias Papa Saidu.

Big time was discovered to have four different Facebook accounts with names including Ibrahim Saidu, Peter Kargbo, Alex Barrie and Osman Kamara and has thread of messages with possible victims while Daniel George was using a Facebook accounts with different dignitaries photos as profile pictures including IGP Sellu and the Internal Affairs Minister, David Panda Noah to hoodwink victims.

Valuable items including mobile phones, glass table, bag of rice, slippers, Plasma TV and musical sets among others were discovered with suspect Big Time.

Some of the collaborators outside have been arrested and are helping the police with investigations while others are on the run