The recently concluded mayoral election in Freetown has sparked significant controversy and speculation. Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, a candidate running for the second time, has won a huge majority vote at the polls from the citizens of Freetown. However, concerns have been raised regarding the transparency and accountability of the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL), the body responsible for conducting the elections. These concerns are further exacerbated by the delay in announcing the election results, leading to speculations about another potential electoral malpractice.

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr’s campaign resonated with the majority of Freetonians who perceive her as a dedicated and capable leader compared to her contender, Mohamed Gento Kamara.

The people of Freetown have placed their trust in Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr due to her track record of community engagement, effective leadership, and dedication to public service.

The integrity of any democratic election relies on transparency and accountability. Unfortunately, concerns have been raised regarding the lack of transparency and accountability within the ECSL. Both national and international observers have highlighted these issues, eroding public confidence in the electoral process.

The delay in announcing the mayoral election results has further fueled speculation of another potential election rigging, as the presidential elections.

Freetonians deserve a transparent and efficient electoral process that respects the will of the people. The prolonged delay only serves to increase suspicions among the public, fostering an atmosphere of doubt and undermining the legitimacy of the election.

Fair and credible elections are the foundation of any democratic society as they grant citizens the opportunity to exercise their right to vote and have their voices heard. The principle of one person, one vote ensures that the majority’s will prevails. When elections are tainted by allegations of rigging or lack of transparency, public faith in the democratic process erodes, and the legitimacy of elected officials is called into question.

Ensuring a transparent and accountable electoral process is not only crucial for Freetown but also for the image and reputation of Sierra Leone. International observers closely scrutinize democratic practices in a country, and any doubts about the integrity of an election can have far-reaching implications, affecting foreign investments, aid, and international partnerships.

Freetonians will not tolerate another instance of electoral malpractice. The citizens demand transparency and accountability from the ECSL. It is imperative that the chief returning officer and other relevant authorities address the concerns surrounding the delayed announcement of the election results and provide a clear and detailed explanation for the delay.

The delay in announcing the Mayoral election results and the allegations of rigging the presidential elections have created an atmosphere of doubt and mistrust.

To safeguard the principles of democracy and ensure that the will of the people is respected, it is crucial to uphold a fair and just electoral process.