Civilian Caught on Camera Thrashing Sierra Leone Police Officer in Freetown

A Sierra Leonean Traffic Warden Officer has been assaulted by a civilian in full public view in Freetown.

An Eyewitness recorded the incident of the Police Officer being assaulted and posted it on Social Media.

In the video, both the Civilian and Officer are seen collaring each other in front of other police officers, the Officers were trying to separate the traffic warden and the Civilian when suddenly another civilian pushes one of the officer to stop him from coming in between them.

The Civilian whom had collared the Traffic Warden with the Traffic warden still holding unto him, jacks the Traffic Warden, flips and hits his back on the floor, raises him up and hits him again and drags him like a piece of rag.

The Traffic Warden still didn’t let go of the civilian’s shirt, despite being thrashed severely, he still held on to him till the end of the video.

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The other police officers after the first attempt did not intervened further as their colleague was being thrashed.

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