The Art Pupils of Christ the King College are disheartened due to the delaying of the justice promised to them by the West African Examination Council and the non-intervention of the Anti-Corruption Commission, into the matter.

Their grades on their report cards didn’t reflect the hard work and dedication they exerted, which is why they want justice for themselves.

According to the pupils, the Regional Head of WAEC, Mr. Bangura, had mentioned that the scripts will be remarked as soon as possible, when they first raised their concern over the failed results given to them and they calmly waited but to no avail.

Justice delayed is justice denied’, that we all know. A week before or thereabouts, just when the Government WASSCE results were released, we raised a concern about the unfair treatment towards the pupils in the Arts Faculty of Christ the King College, Bo. However, WAEC hasn’t responded to us! It’s sad to see them delayed the process till the Universities entry portals have been closed. Mr. Bangura, Regional Head of WAEC, mentioned that the scripts will be remarked as soon as possible; we waited on bated breath” they said in tears.

Where is the justice in this country? Will these brilliant pupils lagged behind because of a crooked invigilator? Where is the ACC in all this? Is this not the case the ACC should be championing? Or is the justice only for the selected few?

This is the time for the ACC to prove that they are really doing their job. Such issues should not be taken lightly; it is the future of these students they are playing with. The ACC must stand up and fight for these students just as much as you fight for your kids at home. If your children were treated unfairly like these pupils were, will you sit, fold your hands and do nothing?

We all know how intelligent and hand working students of Christ the King College are. Most of the professors, politicians and important personalities that Sierra Leone can boast of today were taught and built their foundation in that school. Where are the Alumni in all this?

Most of these students were given grades for subject they never sat to, that alone is a clear proof that their results were tampered with. What then is left to see before an action will be taken? Is it when their pairs would have gone to second year leaving them lagging behind? No! justice must prevail!

To WAEC, the ACC and the Government of Sierra Leone, take the necessary action for the scripts of these pupils to be remarked and prove to the world that there is justice system in Sierra Leone.