Condolence messages are pouring out from premier League Clubs and Football officials on the demise of Ports Authority Head Coach Lamin Bangura. The tragic accident took place on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 involving Ports Authority Football Club on their way to Kenema to honor a Premier League fixture against Kahunla Ranger.

Northwest Region Football Association (NWRFA)  expressing their condolence said, Coach Lamin Bangura was a respected figure in the football community, known for his dedication, passion, and leadership.Acknowledging his role,  NWRFA that he  played a vital role in shaping the team and guiding them towards success in the Sierra Leone Male Premier League adding that His absence will undoubtedly be felt by the entire football fraternity.

FC Kallon Extends its Sympathy and support to Port Authority Football Club After that Fatal Road Accident. In a Press Release, the club states Football goes beyond competing and winning. It unites us as family with the spirit of solidarity, empathy and fair play. We stand by your side in this trying moment of pain.

Luawa Football Club also expressed support and condolences to Ports Authority, bereaved family, and players who are still recovering. The club issued a Press Release with a statement “The fatal road accident caused serious damage to many players, staff and sadly left a morally disciplined and top professional in serious pain resulting in the loss of his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire management of Ports Authority Football Club, players and most importantly the bereaved family.

Throughout the night ourselves and other football clubs have been monitoring the situation and providing courage during this difficult period. Kindly accept our sincerest condolences and be strong during this difficult period in our football,”

Kholifa Stars FC also wish the affected victims who are Hospitalized, Speedy recovery with God’s intervention and healing power .