The Anti Corruption Commissioner,  Francis Ben Kaifala has inspired his beloved son with words of motivations on his social media handle.

In the said  post , the Commissioner stated that  “WHAT I TOLD MY SON; As a man, never be afraid to walk from a fight; it takes more strength to walk away from  the battle you can  easily win  than to engage. But a day will come when  ”fight” will be your only choice; make that blow count boy; let them say what” what a blow , as you walk away like a man.”

The motivational statement from the Commissioner’s appears to be self contradictory. However  the  statement makes a lot of sense when one  gives it a close consideration. A majority of his Facebook followers believes that Ben is basically advising his son that sometimes he needs to be  courageous to walk away from certain  fights he can win. He justifies the rationale behind that as it’s more courageous to walk away than to engage in confrontations. This speaks to the fact that sometimes the best response is no response.

However, Ben caution his son that he shouldn’t  loose sight of the fact that their will come a day when ”fight ” will be his only option.

It appears that the Anti-Corruption Commissioner  speaks from  his vast experience  as a Commissioner and what life has taught him,. He sometimes ignores  and confront certain fights  in his crusade against Corruption.