In a momentous event on July 29, 2023, the recently appointed Commissioner General for the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Ibrahim Swaray, received a warm welcome in his hometown of Kenema and vowed to boost the country’s revenue.

Having successfully undergone vetting and secured approvals from the appointment committee and Parliament of Sierra Leone, Swaray’s visit was met with excitement and anticipation by citizens and residents alike.

The occasion was graced by prominent figures, including the Mayor-elect for the Kenema City Council, Mayor Thomas Baio, the Kenema District Council Chairman, Mohamed Sesay, the SLPP District Party Chairman, Moriba Koroma, and other party executives. This significant gathering demonstrated the support and enthusiasm for Swaray’s appointment as Commissioner General, following his previous role as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA).

Expressing gratitude for the warm reception, Swaray extended his thanks to President Bio for reposing trust in him for a second term, enabling him to serve the people of Sierra Leone once again.

Vowing to work diligently and tirelessly, Swaray pledged to live up to expectations in achieving the President’s vision for the country’s development.

During his address, Swaray highlighted the importance of revenue generation for the smooth functioning of the government.

He revealed that before his appointment, the NRA’s highest monthly revenue stood at three hundred and eighteen billion, spanning from 2018 to 2023.

Determined to surpass previous achievements, Swaray issued a challenge to himself and his team, vowing to implement effective mechanisms to elevate monthly revenue beyond the current standards.

Addressing the employees of the authority, Swaray called for unity and dedication to achieving the President’s objectives.

Drawing from his experiences at the National Public Procurement Authority, Swaray emphasized the significance of a competent workforce, sharing that he had expanded the staff from fifteen technical personnel and 37 general employees to a robust team of one hundred and ten.

Wrapping up his speech, Swaray urged all NRA staff to be prepared to serve the people and the country wholeheartedly. He assured them that the authority would stand by the nation at all times, supporting its growth and progress.

With a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to excellence, Commissioner General Ibrahim Swaray is set to lead the National Revenue Authority on a path toward greater fiscal achievements for Sierra Leone.