The Resident Coordinator for the United Nations, Babatunde Ahonsi has on the 10th June 2023 joined returnees at the Lumley beach in the beach clean-up campaign.

The initiative was focused at helping the Lumley beach clean-up by providing livelihoods and hope to vulnerable returnee migrants.

In his statement, the Resident Coordinator expressed appreciation to everyone for the effort as he referred to it as a worthy form of youths’ empowerment.

“Pleased to have joined returnee migrants and several UN agency heads in today’s Lumley beach cleaning organised by IOM- a worthy cause for youth empowerment, SDG 14 and 15, and social inclusion in Sierra Leone,” he said.

The beach clean-up campaign has been an excellent initiative launched and monitored by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) which gears towards having a safe and clean environment at the beach area of Freetown as part of the efforts to promote a clean and safe environment.