As Sierra Leoneans are eagerly awaiting interpretation by the Supreme Court whether former President Ernest Bai Koroma has immunity from prosecution for alleged corruption, we have gathered that he is presently having sleepless nights for fear that he might end up in jail.

If the Supreme Court in its interpretation of the constitution says as former President he has no immunity from prosecution for alleged corruption, he may be charged to court, prosecuted and if found guilty, might end up in jail or refund all the ill-gotten wealth he amassed during his 11 years rule. Ernest Bai Koroma, like any other citizen is not above the law and will be given a fair trial and if proved innocent will walk home a free man but if otherwise would have to refund what he stole without any resource to violence.

It could be recalled that despite the massive show of lawlessness by some APC hired thugs in Makeni sometime ago to thwart the work of the ACC, the more than over determined Francis Ben Kailfala has steadily continued to probe the former President who is currently answering to questions relating to his stewardship over the past 11 years without any breach to the peace and security of the country.

According to the ACC Commissioner, he is being investigated for issues bordering on a Chinese Mining Company called Xin Lin, the procurement of 100 buses, a NASSIT market project and houses said to be owned by him as raised in the White Paper released early this year.

President Bio while publishing the Government White Paper on the findings and recommendations of the COI did not mine his words when he ordered the country’s Attorney General to do diligent follow up by implementing all the recommendations made by the COI within the ambit of the laws of the land.

He also ordered the ACC to continue to investigate all corruption related matters that were not covered by the COI.
Sources closed to the APC confided in this press that despite threats of the South African type of rebellion weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, that what they feared most has become reality.

Asked why, one of the APC sources said that they never believed that the President’s commitment to wage war on corruption and bad governance in the country, as translated in the setting up of the people’s Commission, was not simply a political stance.

Despite the threats to unleash mayhem and cause violence many ordinary citizens in the streets said they support the President’s deep commitment to combat corruption, bringing back accountability in governance and foster economic growth and justice to the people of Sierra Leone.