As events and happenings at the court martial trail keep unfolding at every session, Detective Sergent Issa Kamara at the exhibit office of the criminal investigation department headquarters has testified with regards the demise of late Colonel Wilfred Samai.

Awoko reports that, Kamara has tendered a bullet object that was discovered within colonel Samai’s body during the autopsy examination that was led by the state prosecutor Joseph Sesay.

Kamara maintained that, he is in charge of all registration, safekeeping and presentation of all exhibits brought to their office, adding that, he received a metal bullet from detective inspector A.B Kargbo on the 30th November 2023 for which was reported that, the bullet was allegedly retrieved from the late man’s body during the autopsy examination and as per protocols the metal bullet was recorded in their court register book under serial number 1262023 which was in police custody, and now being tendered to the court as an exhibit.

Kamara affirmed that the bullet he presented was the one he received but could not ascertain who fired it during the cross examination by Defense council Julius Cufie.

He added that, he does not have the knowledge to understand that the bullet was of military origin or not as he stated his limited involvement in the case.