Cribs International has sent warnings to individuals or record labels who wish to work with Musician Jacob the Therapist, without seeking their permission.

This comes after his alleged partying with foreign celebrities and his receiving monies for performances without the knowledge of cribs.

In a public notice, Cribs noted that the artiste “Jacob Evangelista” publicly known as The Therapist is signed to the record label Cribs International Limited.
“We” or “US” and no such other affiliates.

Contrary to the binding agreement between Artiste and Us. the Artiste has breached the Agreement by alienating the Record Label in

conducting businesses with third parties and receiving monies directly without recourse to the Record Label

Our artist has been seen partying with various executives and A/Rs in Nigeria and also performing in clubs without the consent of the label.

Based on the above, any promoter or third party who intends to work or engage in his service should communicate with Us.

Any attempt to deal with the artiste directly without the Involvement of the Record label or its assigned representatives shall be detrimental to such a third party, as we would not be liable for any loss or damages incurred.

We shall take all necessary actions against any third party that does otherwise.