The National Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Anti-Ethnic Organization, Ibrahim Usman Dumbuya, has disclosed that they would embark on a nation-wide sensitization excises on the dangers of tribal hate speech.

Ibrahim Usman Dumbuya made the above disclosure on Tuesday, 2nd August, at their head office, 109 Industrial Estate, Wellington in Freetown.

He said the excise would involve key political parties in the country and some key stakeholders in the various communities, and that they have already met with the ministry of local government and other NGOs in the country.

He said the organization came into existence in 2020 and the aim is to unify Sierra Leoneans, irrespective of tribe, region or religion, adding that politics has eaten into the fabrics of every Sierra Leonean.

He added that the leadership of both the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party and the main opposition All People’s Congress would always convince Mende-speaking or Temne-speaking people that they are fighting for them, while in the real sense they are not.

“We must work towards a collective national agenda, decolonize our systems, de-link resource allocation along party or ethnic lines and refrain from utilizing tribalism as a weapon of mass oppression that favours the bourgeoisie class elite’s strangles hold of power,” he said.

He added that “we must now as individual citizens and as a government retrospect on what is our National Agenda. We must strive for a national identity and oneness borne out of patriotism and culture that is seen and felt by everyone.

He said Sierra Leoneans in the country and abroad were scared about the current political division and spate of violent across the nation, and that the political wrangling is always visible among citizens during elections as the custom of tribal and regional voting style has been adopted since ancient days.

He said they have over two hundred members in every part of the country, but that there constraint was office space.

He said they have already prepared a letter that they will send to all paramount chiefs across the country as they are the local authorities in their respective chiefdoms.