With the country facing a severe onion shortage, a trader at Dove-cut market has highlighted the distressing practice of food sellers resorting to cucumber as a substitute for onion in their dishes.

The trader explained that the exorbitant increase in onion prices has forced many food sellers, particularly those preparing stew, to turn to cucumber and cabbage, as they can no longer afford the steep costs associated with purchasing onions in the required quantities.

Amidst this crisis, the trader has made a fervent appeal to the government, urging them to devise effective strategies for domestic food production in Sierra Leone. Additionally, she called upon fellow Sierra Leoneans to embrace farming, aiming to reduce the nation’s reliance on imported staple foods.

Numerous concerns have also been voiced by other women, highlighting how the escalating onion prices are significantly impacting the livelihoods of many families.

In particular, the rising costs have made it challenging for most families to cook meals they once enjoyed, such as Stew, Boil Soup, Groundnut Soup, and more, as these recipes heavily depend on a substantial amount of onions for flavor and richness.