Couples starting a new relationship must have certain skills in order to make the relationship a successful one.

Relationship experts say it doesn’t mean if you don’t possess these skills you are going to have a terrible relationship but these things can be worked on through the years.

Serena Crawford of Healthy Black Woman says couples have to hone these skills so they can be in a much better place to love each other fully and have a great relationship.

  1. Always remember that you need to share. Sharing things with your partner is essential. It doesn’t matter whether you are sharing feelings, sharing your experiences, or even sharing food. Sharing your time is extremely important. Get out together and do things that you both love to do. If you both like hiking take a day trip and hike a mountain. If you both have an interest in sports go to a sporting event. Being a single unit and experiencing things together is much better for the relationship than keeping everything separate.

  2. When you get into a new relationship you need to have a certain amount of courage. This is a new experience for you with a new person that you need to get to know. You have to be willing to be vulnerable and break down some walls in order to fully open yourself up to your new partner. It can be hard sometimes to open up to someone new, especially if you have been hurt by others in the past but you need to be brave. You will never be able to have a successful relationship if you do not take that step and show your true self to your new partner.

  3. Everybody deal with losses in their own way. Learn how your partner deals with them and be there to support them when they are going through a tough time. Being compassionate goes a long way when the other party is hurting. We may see certain situations differently than our partner but that is the perfect time to check your point of view and look at the situation through their eyes so that you can show them as much compassion as possible to help them get through whatever loss they are going through.