As a way to inspect the effect and progress of the free and quality education program in Sierra Leone, the Minister of Basic and Secondary School Education (MBSSE), Dr. Moinina David Sengeh pays a surprise visit to the Kissy Municipal Secondary School at the eastern part of Freetown.

The free quality school education program (FQSE) was designed to promote quality education in the republic of Sierra Leone by increasing nationwide access to quality pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, as well as school-level technical and vocational education and training, ensuring successful completion of basic education for children and covers all core costs for formal and non-formal school education.

The minister, on his unannounced visit to the kissy municipal secondary school, said that The Principal, Mrs Mansaray, is an example of what we wish to see across the board. As she took him around, he observed the following:

1. School Safety: She fenced her school completely with a gate to protect her students in a safe learning environment. The school compound was clean, has newly planted trees and the toilet area clean. As they walked across the school in between the toilets, he was happily surprised that there was no foul scent which is common in some schools. They get Guma water supply twice a week which she stores up for use in down days.

2. Discipline and Care. The kids were joyous. They mostly had masks on in class (I was happily surprised as well) as did the teachers. The students talked about their Guidance Counselling teacher who admonishes and supports them to “take care of our bodies”. The rapport between the principal and the students was beautiful to see. Mutual respect.

3. Participatory Learning. In the Home Economics class, the students were in front of the class teaching and explaining concepts. In one class that had no teacher, the kids were self-organized and were learning on their own. They eventually went to get the teacher.

4. Quality support staff. Everyone was diligent in their service. From the gate keeper, to the toilet cleaner and the office manager. Even the Vice Principal who had been teaching a class came out to engage at the end of the visit. Mrs Mansaray’s inclusive Leadership means everyone feels important and contributes to the growth of the school.

5. Learning goals. The school has been slowly and progressively doing better every year in their public exams. They are committed to scoring excellently in this year’s BECE and he can see that happening. he engaged all the classes and he loved the curiosity and excitement in the eyes of the JSS 1 students.

The school recently received a completed 3 classroom structure. They still have structures that are dark, dilapidated and unsafe during the rains. Challenges remain (the Senior Secondary attends in the afternoon) but he remains hopeful and confident that with Leadership like that of Mrs Mansaray, we will transform our educational system in SL in spite of those challenges.

“It took Rwanda, China and several countries 20+ years. It took UAE 50 years. Our revolution is in year 3 and by God’s grace, we see positive trends”. He says

The minister was satisfied with his inspections and was impressed with the school’s management.