15 people have been reported dead and 15 injured in various disaster incidents across the country, according to the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA).

In a press release issued today, NDMA stated that on May 6th, they received news of an old cotton tree falling on an Ataya Base that killed six people and injured 13 others. NDMA noted that they dispatched their Northern Region team to the scene, removed the corpses, and cleared the debris.

On May 9th, a six-storey building collapsed in the Old Road community, trapping people underneath. The NDMA advised nearby residents to relocate and conducted a search and rescue operation, which resulted in the recovery of three dead bodies.

NDMA further revealed that on May 10th, Freetown experienced heavy rain, leading to flash floods and minor damages to some properties. Additionally, a perimeter fence collapsed in Bankole Community, leaving six people dead and two injured.

NDMA noted that they are working with partners to provide medical support to the injured and assess the impacts for further actions.

The NDMA has also undertaken flood mitigation exercises in various flood-prone communities across the country.

The public is encouraged to report incidents of disasters within their communities to the NDMA and is advised to trim weak branches close to their houses during the rains and move to higher grounds if they live in low-lying areas.