On the High Table is a picture that portrayed members of the APC, comprising the expired Secretary General of the APC Ambassador Osman Foday Yanseneh, Hon. Minkaliu Mansaray, Dr. Samura Wilson Kamara and a handful of other APC members.

It was during an APC meeting that the picture was obtained, giving the impression that those are the backbone and key holders of the party. Some of the members on the photo are ignorant of the diabolical role played by some of their colleagues on the photo against each other.

Hon. Abdul Kargbo who was few days back flushed out of the secretariat, the self-imposed Secretary General of the Interim Transition Governance Committee (ITGC) team is reportedly moving like a wandering sheep in a sultry afternoon, from one radio station to another telling listeners’ that the Plaintiff, Alfred Peter Conteh and team have no legal or political authority to kick him out of the office, but not from being a member of the Interim Transition Governance Committee team (ITGC).

Sources within the APC party are saying that Abdul Kargbo needs some political education as a novice in the political book; he needs to be thoroughly educated to appreciate the reality that practical politics is absolutely different from classroom theory.

“His lack of practical knowledge and poor tutoring about politics have led most of the supporters to feel that the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) party is not serious about wining the forthcoming 2023 elections” echoed pa Kamara, a staunch supporter of the party.

The party is being blackmailed by Hon. Abdul Kargbo the amateur politician to create the impression in the minds of supporters that the party is Jumping from one problem to another, thus causing a big split within the 21-Man Interim Transition Governance Committee (ITGC).

Some members have perceived his actions and utterances as a deliberate ploy to destroy the achievements of the team. “The Deal has backfired…” remarked a member of the t4eam. Allegations floating around against him are that he entered into a deal with some members of the defunct executive to damage the reputation of the entire Interim executive and to make the team appeared negative to the general public and members of the party.

The latest blackmail tactic unleashed against the APC party that backfired against him resulted to his removal from the office of Secretary General of the ITGC, by the Interim Chairman, Alfred Peter Conteh.

In a Press Notice, dated 31st October 2022and signed by the Interim Chairman, he informed the public about the “removal of Hon. Abdul Kargbo as Secretary General of the Secretariat, which was as a result of a resolution passed on 28th October 2022”. Alfred Peter Conteh explained that the removal came about; after a “series of unpalatable and unproductive utterances and behaviours that do not befit the APC party and the Interim Executive.

“Those utterances coined to create division and further hinder the progress and unite of the APC party” Chairman Conteh remarked. With his removal, the Interim Chairman noted, “the ITGC Secretariat duties will be permed by other members of the Committee at the direction of the collective ITGC leadership and team.” It could be recalled that the formation of all standing committees of the ITGC was not part of the court ruling of 28th April 2022 by Justice Adrian Fisher. It was the sole discretion of the ITGC. This Means, Hon. Abdul Kargbo is constrained to take the matter to Justice Fisher for interpretation or redress.