The Executive Director and founder for Advocacy Network Against Irregular Migration (ANAIM), Sheku Bangura has disclosed that more than one thousand migrants returnees in Sierra Leone will take to the streets in demonstration, if actions are not taken over the death of Sierra Leoneans in Lebanon.

This came about as reactions to the devastating death of some Sierra Leoneans from a fire accident in Lebanon during the weekend.

The incident was made known through a press release from the consulate office in Lebanon, informing that 5 Sierra Leoneans were left dead.

The fire was said to have only broke out in the seventh floor of a nine story building which was occupying Sierra Leoneans.

The cause of the fire  has yet been confirmed, however the call for actions of the Sierra Leonean authorities have been heightened at home and abroad respectively.

‘’we call on the Lebanese community to talk with its government in Lebanon to repatriate our citizens’’ Bangura stated.

He underscored that the Lebanese government need to institute an investigation into the said matter.