Sierra Leone’s Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Solomon Jamiru Esq. has on Thursday 4th May, 2023 responded to the reports released by the world press freedom index for 2023 by the global watchdog reporters without borders (RSF).

In his reaction the Minister looked at the successes made by the government in relation to the press freedom and other areas related to the sector. He commended the 28 points gained and added that the country tried in various sectors to making sure that the country has a very proactive record in the area of press freedom and the freedom giving to individuals respectively.

The Minister also assures that, the government will take responsibilities to look back and continue an investigation and the media would be fully involved when speaking on the democratic values and human dignity which was made mentioned in the said report.

“Maybe for the investment summit held with SLAJ we were doing much for the hardware instead of the software” he said, adding that, the government is still on the right track of maintaining and increasing the Press Freedom in the country.