The Deputy Minister of Communications Technology and Innovation, Ibrahim Sannoh, is currently participating in the prestigious Digital Government Africa Summit. This event presents a unique opportunity for Sierra Leone to actively engage in the digital transformation initiatives sweeping across the African continent.

The summit, hosted by the Government of Zambia, is dedicated to advancing electronic government strategies throughout Africa. At its core, the summit’s objective is to enhance the accessibility, efficiency, and user-friendliness of government services, ultimately revolutionising business operations and public service delivery across African nations.

During the summit, the Sierra Leonean Deputy Minister shared invaluable insights on ICT, Telecommunications, and Digitalisation, contributing to the broader discourse on transforming government services for the benefit of all citizens. This participation underscores Sierra Leone’s commitment to harnessing technology for the advancement of its digital landscape.

As Africa forges ahead on its digital journey, Sierra Leone stands at the forefront, actively participating in initiatives that will usher in a new era of digital governance and service delivery. Stay tuned for updates on Sierra Leone’s role in shaping Africa’s digital destiny at the Digital Government Africa summit.