Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh, Deputy Speaker of the Sierra Leone Parliament, met with Chinese Ambassador Wang Qing at the Chinese Embassy in Freetown.

The meeting aimed to enhance bilateral ties and seek support for infrastructural and transportation improvements crucial for parliamentary oversight activities.

Ambassador Qing highlighted the strong relationship between China and Sierra Leone, citing recent agreements signed during President Bio’s visit to China. He reiterated China’s commitment to these agreements and the importance of China-Africa solidarity.

Hon. Conteh praised China’s past support, including during the Ebola outbreak, the construction of the Diplomatic Academy, rehabilitation of the National Stadium, and building the Foreign Affairs Ministry. He stressed the need for new office spaces for MPs and staff and requested a parliamentary hall and transportation facilities.

Ambassador Qing acknowledged prior discussions on these issues and proposed mobile offices as an interim solution. He emphasized the need for detailed planning and resources for constructing a permanent hall. Qing also suggested exchange visits to strengthen bilateral relations.

Hon. Conteh expressed gratitude for previous Chinese support, including the construction of a market in Lumley, and announced plans to form a Parliamentary Committee on China-Sierra Leone Friendship. He was accompanied by the Acting Clerk of Parliament, a Protocol Officer, and a Public Relations Officer.