It is not only Sierra leonean ladies that are guilty of tricking men into marriage, Sierra Leonean guys also do this. The stories about Sierra Leonean guys and their lies are never ending.

You see, it’s not only women who are desperate to get married, some men are too and they would go to any extent to get that lady they want, even if they have to pretend.

You’ll be amazed at the things some men would do just to get a lady to fall in love with them.

They know lots of women live in a fantasy world and want an ‘ideal man’ who may not even exist. So, these men would lie and pretend to help these women maintain their delusional fantasies of the ‘ideal man’.

When you have finally fallen in love and maybe gotten married, you begin to see the ‘real’ him and you get disappointed because he is a different person.

Let’s take a look at some of the things men would do to get a lady to marry them.

1. He pretends to be rich: Some ladies really love the fine things of life and would not want to settle down with a struggling man. Some men would borrow their friend’s car and even borrow their houses just to form rich guy. Some ladies end up falling for this kind of guy and when you already deep into the relationship, you realize, you fell for a fake person.

2. He pretends to be neat: Some guys would wear neat boxers and sparkling white shirts whenever they know you are coming to visit. That way you think you are dating a very neat guy. Don’t be deceived, once you get married, you’ll realize he’s worse than a pig.

3. Dedicated in church: Once a man realizes you are a religious person and he wants you, he would do anything to get you, even if it means dedicating all his time to serving God. Those kind of men would follow you to all the weekly activities, they would join a unit in church just so you think they are Jesus lovers. Just wait till you are married and he then he stops going to church, giving you one excuse after the other every Sunday.

4. Spoils you silly: Of course, women love gifts. They love to be pampered and spoilt silly. Some men would buy you heaven and earth just to get you to say ‘I Do’ and when you finally do, they stop. If you ask them for anything, they would yell and call you materialistic.

5. He takes all your ‘crap’: Some men would let you do whatever you want without complaining. They let you yell at them and insult them. Some would even apologise when they know they are not wrong just to get you. Just become their wives and they will show you who the head of the home is. Before you say one word, he would have slapped some sense into you.

This is not to say all men play these tricks. There are still some genuine ones out there. One just has to be careful when falling in love so you don’t end up with someone who is pretending to be what he is not and then you end up unhappy and full of regrets.

What do you think about the dispositions above? Please share your thoughts..