The National Grand Coalition party’s acting regional chairperson, Arthur E. Pearce, claimed in an interview with Epic radio that the rumors spreading on social media regarding Dr. Kandeh Yumkella joining the SLPP are untrue. He said that the party had nothing to do with the rumors, and that he was astonished to learn the news on social media.

He claimed that Adeybayo, who he claimed had a history of inciting violence with his remarks and comments, was responsible for spreading the news.

“I participate in my party’s decision-making process and am informed of all decisions made by my party.
This is false, and I’m not even aware of it “. He spoke.
Arthur asserted that Adeybayo insulted their party’s presidential candidate. He added that the rumors are untrue and that the public shouldn’t believe them.

According to Arthur, his party has never mentioned KKY joining the SLPP and is instead concentrating on elections at the local level.
In response to a question on how they would be prepared for the future elections, Arthur stated they would continue to do district elections and hold conventions in September.
He reiterated that KKY has no intention of rejoining the SLPP and that the rumors are untrue.

These are small matters that shouldn’t matter to our party. It is not vital that the party issue a news statement or that Dr. Yumkella openly discuss it.

The regional chairperson said that because they are more concerned with putting plans in place to win the 2023 elections, this is not the first time such news has occurred.