The Management of Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority has shown grave concern over the recent rate at which unpatriotic and unreasonable citizens are engaged in vandalizing electrical installations particularly in the Western Area,which includes but not limited to Hamilton Village, Ogu Farm, St. Micheals Lakka, Sulpon ,Bathurst, Old Funkia Village, Adonkia 1 and Succex Village.

The Authority condemns such act and stated that it is worrisome as it endangers the lives of community residents by exposing naked cables which threaten their safety and security and also deprive right thinking members of the society from enjoying their inalienable rights to access electricity.

The Authority is therefore calling on all communities that are connected to the grid to reinforce their vigilance in different localities with a view to ensuring the safety and security of installed transformers and accessories.

Furthermore, the Authority is requesting the general public to intercept whosoever attempts to gain access to the Authority’s substations by demanding that they produce Identification Cards or any other necessary details or permit to work, and if need be, verify by calling the 672 or 079695104.

The authority further encourage all to report by calling the police line on 124 and the Office of National Security on 119 at no cost, if any person is suspected of carrying EDSA cables or stealing at any of its substations.

It added that it will continue its strides to ensure the provision of electricity to Sierra Leoneans but would as well want the public to know that any community that willfully neglects the safety and security of electrical installations will bear the consequences.

“Help sustain and maintain power supply in your community by reporting illegal invasion into our electrical installations” it ended