Hollywood actor, Idris Elba has recommited the pledge he made about a couple of years ago to bring development to Sierra Leone, especially Sherbro Island.

The British-born actor was speaking on popular TV programme in the Sierra Leonean capital recently.

He said that his first visit to the West African country was in 2019, although his father was born in the country and his mum spent significant amount years in the country.

People need to see how beautiful this country is and how resourceful the people are,” Elba said.

He said the history of Sierra Leone is so rich but that people always focus on civil war and Ebola. He said as a Sierra Leonean on the international stage he’s trying to shift that narrative.

He reaffirmed his commitment to transform the Sherbro Island and that they have signed an MOU to strategize how to make the Island into a tourist destination.

The Hollywood actor, however, said one of the major stumbling blocks is the fact that the country does not have a favorable history to lure the required investment.

Sherbro Island is located in Bonthe District, the home of Elba’s father. The island lies in the South West and is the largest island in the country.

The District of Bonthe and Pujehun host the longest strip of inhabited white sand beach in the entire West Africa and experts believe with the requisite facilities the region could a tourist hub.