With the upcoming elections in Sierra Leone drawing nearer, the United States Embassy has issued a statement urging all political parties and leaders to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner.

The embassy stressed the significance of free, fair, peaceful, and multi-party elections for the stability and development of the country.

In a statement released yesterday, the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, David Reimer, emphasized the importance of all candidates prioritizing their commitment to the democratic process and refraining from any actions that may incite violence, disorder, or unrest.

The embassy called for a peaceful dialogue among all parties and their supporters throughout the election period.

Addressing the citizens of Sierra Leone, Ambassador Reimer urged them, especially the young people, to exercise their right to vote on the scheduled date of June 24 in a peaceful manner.

He highlighted that voting is a collective action that promotes national unity, reminding everyone that Sierra Leone is a singular nation that must be preserved.

“Remember it is only one Sierra Leone that we have,โ€œ Ambassador Reimer concluded.

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