Following the strike by tricycle group at the Freetown City Council, the Chief Administrator of the Council, Festus Kallay, has said that tricycle groups are not employed by the FCC.

Reacting to the allegations that the Chief Administrator failed to sign for the payment of salaries to the City Cleaners, Festus Kallay said that FCC has no contract with the tricycle groups and so FCC has no obligation to pay them salaries.

He added that the tricycle groups had signed contract with CRS to clean the City, of which the contract has ended.

He added that after the elapse of the contract with CRS, the city cleaners want Freetown City Council of paying them salaries. He said the total sum of the salary is le470 million.

He said the Freetown City Council does not recognize them and will not pay the cleaners for the month of August, 2021