Yulisa Ahmadu, Sierra Leone’s youth envoy have expressed heartfelt congratulations to the two remarkable young parliamentarians, aged 26 and 27, on their historic election to the parliament! Hon. Alice Sandy representing Kenema district Constituency 016 and Hon. Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy representing Kono District Constituency 024 (Both from the ruling SLPP)

According to the Youth Envoy The accomplishments of Hon. Alice Sandy and Hon. Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy go far beyond personal achievements; they signify the increasing influence of younger generations in shaping Sierra Leone’s political landscape.

The election of these young parliamentarians marks a significant stride towards inclusivity and diversity in governance. Their fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and unwavering dedication are set to infuse renewed vigor into the legislative processes of the nation.

Recognizing the immense courage, resilience, and strong leadership qualities demonstrated by Hon. Alice Sandy and Hon. Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy, Ahmadu commended their exemplary achievements. She believes that their presence in the parliament will serve as a beacon of inspiration, motivating countless young individuals to actively engage in politics, pursue their dreams, and contribute meaningfully to society.

As the young parliamentarians embark on their exciting journey, Ahmadu extends her warmest wishes to these trailblazers. She hopes that their tenure will be marked by continued inspiration, innovation, and the formulation of transformative policies that benefit all citizens, with a particular focus on the youth.

Sierra Leone’s youth envoy is encouraged by the nation’s progressive approach to fostering youth representation in politics. The election of Hon. Alice Sandy and Hon. Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy sets a commendable example, illustrating the power of inclusivity and the value placed on the voices and aspirations of the young generation.