Former President Ernest Bai Koroma has expressed his views on the ongoing Mid-term Population and Housing Census.

Dr. Koroma first recognized the fact that Census is always necessary for national development.

He however stated for a Census to be a good one, it should have the consensus of all stakeholders on the community.

President Koroma stated the ongoing Mid-term Population and Housing Census has been the only controversial Census in the history of Sierra Leone, adding that controversy hovering the Census began on Parliament to Civil society organizations and to World Bank.

President Ernest Bai Koroma highlighted that if a development partner like World Bank could withdraw from the Census, it is because they foresaw that no credible data outcome could be gotten from the Census.

The Former President speaking in his capacity as Stateman said even though the Census went on, indications show that the Census can not achieve 50% of what it supposed to achieve.

President Koroma advised that the current government should go back to the drawing table with stakeholders to chart the way forward about the already miscalculated Census.