Peter Penfold, a former British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone has died.

Penfold who is often described as a true friend of Sierra Leone, diplomat, and advocate for peace died on Sunday, October 1, 2023, according to family sources.

Peter Penfold, born on February 27, 1944, embarked on a distinguished diplomatic career, marked by an unwavering dedication to Sierra Leone’s people.

Starting his journey with the British Foreign Service in 1963, he had diverse postings, from West Germany and Nigeria to addressing a volcanic crisis in St. Vincent. His time in Africa, especially Uganda, equipped him for his role as the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone in 1997, during the nation’s civil unrest.

His leadership was pivotal in reestablishing peace, democracy, and human rights amidst Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war. Penfold staunchly opposed the propaganda of the AFRC Regime and played a key role in the Sandline Project, restoring democracy in 1998.

Honored as “Pa. Komrabai,” Penfold’s devotion to Sierra Leone transcended his official role, showcasing his genuine affection for its people. Celebrated as a beacon of hope and justice, his lasting impact and love for the nation will inspire generations to come.