Sierra Leonean United States-based movie star and entrepreneur have emerged to be the first Actress to be approved for subscriptions by Facebook the most popular social media platform in the world.

As Facebook continues to be on the leading edge with over 2.74 billion active users across the globe, the social media network seeks to grow its audience and be ahead of its competitors by luring more active users and content creators. Thus, the meta-owned social media platform initiated a payroll for influencers and content creators to be making money.

The Rosaline Sesay – Actress page has now been officially approved to use Facebook subscriptions as she has met all the prerequisites set up by Facebook. Real Boss as she is fondly called will start receiving earnings for any content she creates on Facebook.

Real Boss has more than 200,000 Facebook followers and she has now set a record of being the first Sierra Leonean Actress to gain a subscription on Facebook.

Over the past few years, the elegant, charismatic, and beautiful movie star has been the center of attention in the Movie industry. She has rolled in so many blockbuster movies with top-notched Nollywood actors.

She came to the spotlight after organizing a grand recording movie premiere which turned out to be the grandest movie premiere organized by a Sierra Leonean in the United States.

Moreover, the clientele of fashion has also recently broken fashion records with the Real Boss clothing line which was widely used by top  Sierra Leonean Entertainers during the Independence Day celebration. The Real Boss clothing line is on the verge of releasing another classic collection for its numerous customers.

Real Boss is now poised to create a new direction in her career as she gains approval from Facebook and it means she is now an official member of the Facebook marketing group.