Members of Parliament last Thursday October 27 approved US$ 5M agreement for 523 schools. Presenting the agreement to members of Parliament, the Deputy Minister of Finance 1, Sheku Fatta Mahdi Bangura said that the loan agreement between the Republic of Sierra Leone and Islamic Development Bank for digital connectivity in schools to accelerate Covid 19 Education Response and Recovery Project, Sierra Leone.

Bangura pointed out that the aim and objectives of this agreement is to restore are constrained with contact.

Hon Kalokoh stated that parliament has has approved several loan agreements but they as opposition they need to address the grey areas for which he referenced page 14 of the agreement which revealed they have paid the service provider or contractor since December 31st 2021 which is US$ 4M, questioning what service they have paid for even before the agreement comes to Parliament.

Hon Lahai Marah said digital connectivity is good but that the grace period for the loan is seven years.
He said that recently civil society was asking for the cancellation of the loan from the Ministry of Finance, so he wants the minister to explain to members of parliament about this loan agreement.

He said that while the speaker is defending the government, the health system is very poor, there is no good road and that they have the corona audit to look into.

The Acting Leader of Opposition Hon Hassan Sesay said looking at the volume in 2019, they approved a loan agreement from China Exim Bank to connect 500 schools which was USS 34M but they don’t know what is happening with that project.

He appealed to the Ministry of Basic Education to set up more robust monitoring for the connectivity of schools.

Dr. Abass Bundu asked the minister to respond on the issue raised by Hon Dr. Kalokoh about the payment made in December 31st 2021. Bangura said article 4 which deals with payment and services fee is after the bill has been ratified and that what the Member of Parliament saw is the implementation.