The All People’s Congress National Secretary General, Osman Foday Yansaneh, is now at a high risk of going to jail, after failing to carry out the High Court Judge’s Order; to contact Adebayor to apologize to him and the country for his insult and abuse purportedly on behalf of the APC party.

Osman Yansaneh received this order from Judge Fisher last week Friday and till now, Sierra Leoneans have not receive any apology audio from Adebayor as ordered by Judge Fisher.

However, TV-News24 disclosed that, in an exclusive interview with him on Sunday, Osman Yansaneh, told them that he does not know Adebayor, nor condone and/or support his derogatory remarks against anyone and will not able to satisfy the judge’s order as he doesn’t have the capacity to reach out to Adebayor.

“I have not. How can I, when I don’t have his number? And I don’t know him. I have always obeyed the court, and has never been held in contempt”  Yansaneh told TV-News24.

“But how can I do something that I do not have the capacity to do? … I’m not worried. I’m not worried because I’m not contemptuous of the court,” he added.

Osman Yansaneh went on to say that, this order came about because Judge Fisher believes that Adebayor  has respect for him as he insults everyone except him and for that reason he told him in court that he should do everything possible to contact him and tell him to apologize to the Judge, and the nation for all of the insults that he’s directed at them.

But Yansaneh said he could not respond because, as soon as the judge made the remarks, he left the courtroom.

He however affirmed that they had made their position clear, and they stand by it,  that they do not know Adebayor, they do not interact with him and they believe his audios are distasteful and they condemned it.

TV News 24  disclosed that they were not able to get the side of the Judiciary as they didn’t respond to a telephone call they made late Sunday for comment on the matter.

As it stands,  no one knows whether the judge will hold Osman Yansaneh in contempt of court and send him to jail for disobeying a LEGAL order which the judge has the power to do  but ONLY if his order to Yansaneh was LEGAL.