Fake PhD Degree Inside The Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority, Government of Sierra Leone

Who is Rev. Smart K. Senesie?

He is the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA) (effective January 11, 2022). Prior to this position, he was the Chairman, Board of Directors at the Road Maintenance Fund Administration.

Read more about him. https://slrsa.gov.sl/slrsa-management-welcomes-new-executive-director/

He is a holder of a fake PhD!

Institution: The Commonwealth University (fake) and the London Graduate School (fake).

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Name of PhD awarded: PhD in the Humanities (Honoris Causa).

Amount paid: $5000 (he used state funds to buy this PhD).

Duration of course: 1 hour (from enrolment, study and graduation)!! Your newest Doctor in town!!

Place of Graduation: Dubai (his Return flight tickets, accommodation in Dubai, and per diem all paid for by the Government of Sierra Leone β€” tax payers money; our money).


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  • Mohamed Koroma | 2022-04-28 13:23:08
    Special thank to ACC and those that are concern for looking into such corruptive acts of our leaders who are holding key positions in this administration and of such , giving bad image to this government of no doubt this country hardly progress because all the keys to her success are handled by those fake people with no qualification for such positions . For instance if the minister of internal affairs do not know what to do in that office he can not deliver what is necessary for the progress of the nation . I hope and believe that every patriotic citizen will be happy for this particular step towards the development of this country and we hope and pray that the law will take full action against them as such let them be accounted for all they had done . Thanks for the job well done.
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