Minister Fanday Turay Esq, overseeing the Ministry of Transportation and Aviation in Sierra Leone, recently conveyed heartfelt appreciation to the management and dedicated staff of ASKY Airlines.

Speaking on the airline’s pivotal role, he acknowledged their crucial support during a significant juncture.

Business is business, but let me thank the management and staff of ASKY Airlines for stepping in precisely when we needed them the most,” stated Minister Turay.

In a testament to the airline’s proactive role, Minister Turay emphasized the transformation of what some had perceived as a lost opportunity into a flourishing venture. ASKY Airlines has now initiated the operation of new routes, marking a momentous leap in aviation connectivity. Travelers can now book flights from Salone to Lome, Washington, as well as Salone to Lome, Newark. The introduction of these routes signifies a promising advancement for both local and international travelers.

Highlighting the untapped potential within the region, Minister Turay extended an invitation to potential investors, emphasizing the abundance of unexplored routes. He expressed the government’s openness to various options and readiness to provide incentives for credible investors interested in contributing to the growth and development of the aviation sector in Sierra Leone.

The announcement not only signifies the expansion of accessible travel but also symbolizes a call to investors to engage in these yet unexplored opportunities. The move is expected to bolster economic prospects, promote tourism, and fortify Sierra Leone’s position as a pivotal player in the aviation industry.

Minister Fanday Turay’s message stands as a beacon, signaling an era of growth and prosperity in Sierra Leone’s aviation and transportation landscape, fostering optimism and a promising future for the nation and its people.