Multiple award winning traditional Folk Singer, Fantacee Wiz, has on her post on Social Media advised women to wise up and always keep receipts for the rainy days.

She gave this advice, making reference to a sad story of a Nigerian Lady by the name of Anita who was left with nothing after she and her husband divorced.

According to the story, Anita had spent all her life taking care of the kids and her home and even invested a good amount on her husband to start a business that turned out to be successful but at the end of the day, she was left with nothing because she couldn’t prove anything.

Fantacee Wiz stated that this is a good example for women to act wise. She said most women invest their moneys on men and allow them to be successful whiles they sit at home, do the cleaning, laundering etc and fails to document and keep evidence for when bad days comes.

She continued that she is not saying that women shouldn’t help their husbands but what she is saying is that they should keep receipts and evidences by Involving their own Lawyers in everything, making sure that their names are in the documents of anything they are putting their moneys on.

See full post below:

“Women will never wise up.

We keep warning y’all, but you don’t listen ⚠️

Anita was left with NOTHING!

All the years she spent with him, taking care of the kids and home front, while Paul Okoye was out there buying properties and starting up companies…

She even gave him N10 million for a business which turned out to be successful but since she couldn’t prove it in court, she was left with absolutely nothing!

Not even N1 from her investment in that particular business.

We tell women to keep receipts for the rainy days 🌧️☔ but they say we are out to destroy marriages. Lol.

They say “Mine will be different. Mine will work” Okay o! 😄

Continue giving your husband money to buy car, build houses, start up businesses, acquire properties…

All in his name, not in your name as a co-owner.

While you are busy cooking, birthing babies, cleaning the house, doing the laundry…

All this makes it convenient for him to get the time and energy to acquire and excel in his endeavours while he comes home to a clean house and delicious meals waiting for him.

I don’t think an appeal will help Anita’s case. No house, no business of her own…

NOTHING! 🚫 So sad 😢

But I know you will still not learn from this.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t help your husband. I am saying that you should keep receipts and evidences. Involve your own Lawyers in everything. Make sure that your name is in the documents of anything wey you put your money and sweat inside.

Have hard evidence 🧾 safely kept somewhere.Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I don’t even understand what sort of Lawyers Anita hired for this her divorce case”