Sierra Leonean cultural and indigenous singer, Fantacee Wiz has added her voice on the ongoing issues between Kao Denero and the entertainment industry.

Fantacee Wiz took her Facebook page and commended Kao Denero on his appointment. She said the appointment of Kao Denero as an Entertainment Ambassador was a right direction. She added that, not all of them are against him even though Kao Denero is making it looks like everyone is against him. She debunked the ways in which Kao Denero is perceiving things that all of them in the entertainment industry are against him.

The folk singer told Kao Denero that he is sending wrong to the government that appointed him that all the entertainers are hating on his appointments. She added that they are ready to work with him but he is not ready to work with them based on his resentments and suspicious ideology.

Fantacee Wiz accused Kao Denero of being a political fascist. She termed that as detrimental to the entertainment industry. She concluded by advising Kao Denero to forget about friends and foes.

Kao Denero was appointed was appointed as Special Envoy for Entertainment and Investments by President Julius Maada Bio in March this year. The rapper selected certain number of people to serve as Board Members. Among the people selected; Pilot CPO, Phebean Swill, Sahr Issa and Prezo Koroma have resigned from the Board.

The latest resignee, Prezo Koroma as Board Secretary outlined few reasons on his resignation letter. One key thing he mentioned is the division of the entertainment industry which he accused his former boss.

Popular artiste and actor, Atical Foyoh also reacted on the resignation of Prezo Koroma from the Entertainment Board. He blamed his fellow entertainers for allowing Kao Denero dividing the entertainment industry. Foyoh added that Kao Denero hasn’t done anything developmental in industry.

Kao Denero responded that his board is inclusive by including people considered as enemies. He mentioned that, a friend of his enemy is an enemy. He termed his colleague entertainers as snakes.

Based on the respond of Kao Denero in reacting on the issue of Prezo Koroma’s resignation from the Board, Fantacee Wiz advised Kao Denero to forget about enemies and work for the entertainment industry.