Sierra Leone’s First Lady, Fatima Bio has signed the House of Commons book of remembrance commemorating the legacy of the great Madiba, President Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

She maintained that, it was another humbling experience to be the first First Lady to add her name and message to the book that is set to be published with an illustrious list of global leaders like former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, former US President Barack Obama, and an array of international celebrities including Sir Paul MacCartney, Chris Rock, David Beckham, Ali G, and Will Smith.

It was such an inspiring moment to sign alongside the signature of one of my heroines, the brilliant Maya Angelou.

Way beyond the fleeting pomp of the passing minute, these events prompt me to think deeply about the many more lives waiting to be positively touched and what we can do together to lift up those who might need a hand or even just a smile to light their day and brighten their spirits. Such occasions move me to reflect on the journey that has brought me to my current stage.” She remarked.

She furthered that she has travelled a path marked by faith, hard work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to serving people, particularly in advocating for the rights and empowerment of the disadvantaged multitude of our humanity—women and girls, adding that, she is always grateful to Almighty Allah and for the constant support of her husband,  President Julius Maada Bio, whose unwavering encouragement has been her guiding light.

And I must emphasize that the significance of the last few days extends way beyond personal recognition; it symbolizes our collective efforts and registers our token triumphs as we keep moving forward towards a more just and equitable world.

Every worthy occasion reminds us that each individual, regardless of background or status, has a role to play in building a better society for everyone.

As I reflect on receiving the “Woman of the Year” award and being the only First Lady to sign the historic House of Commons Remembrance Book, I am reinvigorated in my commitment to advocate for women’s and girls’ rights worldwide” she stated.

She thanked the organizers of the Global Woman Award and the Nelson Mandela Tribute Book, as well as all those who have supported her on the journey.