The Son of Asmaa James, Mohamed Harass Barrie has been sacked as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs from Fourah Bay College Students’ Union Government.

His replacement came after he made a video and insulted the late mother of popular rapper, Boss La as a form of revenge after the rapper insulted his mother, Asmaa James on his Facebook live.

The letter from Fourah Bay College Students’ Union Government dated 20th December, 2021 shows that the young lad was replaced as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs by Fatima Nannah Zara Sesay with the signature of the Secretary General, Amos Claudius Gordon and President, Adama Sillah.

On Sunday 12th December 2021, Boss La used derogatory language against popular journalist and station manager for radio Democracy, Madam Asmaa James on his Facebook live for reporting the news on her radio station about his bench warrant ordered by the Court of Sierra Leone without reporting his own side of the story. Legal actions were taken against Boss La as he was detained at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) by the Sierra Leone Police.

Many Sierra Leoneans condemned the action of Boss La which made him to come on social media publicly and apologized to Madam Asmaa James. Few hours after his apology, Mohamed Harass Barrie took to social media and used abusive language against the late mother of Boss La. The action of the lad boy brought chaos on social media as many requested for his arrest by the Sierra Leone Police as they did to Boss La. As Harass is moving freely, the Students’ Union Government of Fourah Bay College has dismissed him from his duty as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.