Olufemi Claudius-Cole, leader of the Unity Party and the First-Ever Woman Presidential Candidate in the 2018 elections has blasted the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone on issues relating to the Proportional Representation (PR) system.

She condemn the Judiciary of Sierra Leone and the Supreme Court for dismissing a petition challenging the constitutionality of the proposed proportional representation (PR) electoral system for June 24 elections.

She added that the judiciary needs to be properly sanitised to ensure proper functioning of the Supreme Court and that, Chief Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards and other executives should vacate the office.

According to Femi Cole,

I have very little respect for them, in its entirety. I have very little regard and respect for the judiciary of Sierra Leone. Very little. You want to quote me? Fire the chief justice; fire the minister of justice; fire the DPP, and unseat some of those magistrates and judges. Send them on permanent leave. Quote me.

“It talks about where there are no constituencies, that is when you use PR. So, you cannot tell us that there are no constituencies [in the country].” She maintained.

Claudius-Cole who is also the chairperson for Consortium of Progressive Political Parties, a fusion of opposition parties, took to social media her dissatisfaction rebuking the Justice’s decision to dismiss the petition.

Claudius-Cole express  displeasure with the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the part of the Sierra Leone constitution which emphasize the  proportional representation and constituencies with close reference to Section 38A of the Sierra Leone Constitution.