Madam Femi Claudius-Cole of Unity Party and Consortium Of Progressive Political Parties has called on the Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Sovula to clear meaningless ‘money making’ checkpoints across the country.

Femi-Claudius Cole made this call on social media on Tuesday 15 February 2022.

“Our checkpoints are nothing but a money making venture. IG Sovula, please clean up or eliminate these useless checkpoints,” the Unity Party leader blasted.

She added that the Sierra Leone Police is now microcredit scheme.

Cole was recently interrogated by the officers at the CID about statements she had made in the media regarding the Mid-term Population and Housing Census.

She was among opposition politicians that called for the boycott of the census, which they referred to as poorly planned and organised.

They also accused the government of using the Mid-term Census as an opportunity to gerrymander the composition of Parliament, by creating new districts and constituencies in SLPP strongholds in the southeast.