On the 18th and 19 October, respectively, the Freetown City Council Climate Actions and Disaster Risk Management Unit responded to three (3) reports of fire incidents at Aberdeen, Cockle Bay, and Susan’s Bay.

Amongst these fire incidents, the fire at Aberdeen killed 3 people; which was reported to be a 23 years old woman, 9 years old boy, and 5 months old baby girl who were all from the same household at around 8:30pm on the 18th October, 2022

At Cockle Bay, around 9pm on the 19th of October, a fire outbreak severely burnt down 4 houses with 3 houses partially affected. A total number of 17 households are affected.

And in Susan’s Bay, the fire incident occurred between the hours of 3 to 4 am. Four houses were gravely burnt down.

Freetown City Council’s Climate Action & Disaster Risk Management Unit conducted an assessment of these sites and reports state that poor electrification and exposed fire flames are the cause of the fire incident.

They call on Freetownians to be cautious of substandard electrification and be careful enough when handling fires and flames.