In today’s weekly press conference organized by the Sierra Leone Ministry of Information and Civic Education, Dr. Emmanuel Gaima, the government representative, highlighted the importance of national unity and addressed key resolutions outlined in the agreement for national unity.

He emphasized, “The agreement for national unity has 8 resolutions but us in the Elections Review and Management Committee are only concerned with resolution 3; to review contentious issues in the 2023 elections & previous elections.

Dr. Gaima underscored the significance of Resolution 3, which focuses on reviewing contentious issues that arose during the 2023 elections and previous electoral processes.

Emphasizing the role of the Elections Review and Management Committee, Dr. Gaima clarified that their primary focus is on Resolution 3, which mandates the review of contentious electoral matters. He emphasized that the committee’s current objective is solely to conduct a thorough review of these issues and not to advocate for or initiate a rerun of the elections.

Dr. Gaima’s statements come amidst ongoing efforts by the Sierra Leonean government to address concerns and grievances related to past electoral processes, particularly the 2023 elections. The country has experienced political tensions and disputes in the aftermath of the elections, prompting calls for transparent reviews and reforms to uphold democratic principles and ensure fair and credible future elections.

While acknowledging the significance of addressing electoral concerns, Dr. Gaima reaffirmed the government’s commitment to upholding democratic values and fostering national unity. He stressed the importance of constructive dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders in the electoral review process to identify and rectify any irregularities or issues that may have undermined the integrity of past elections.

The clarification provided by Dr. Gaima regarding the scope of the Elections Review and Management Committee’s mandate seeks to alleviate any misconceptions or misinterpretations regarding the committee’s role in addressing electoral disputes. He stated, “For now we are only doing a review. We don’t have the mandate to request for a re-run of Elections.” By focusing on Resolution 3, the committee aims to facilitate a comprehensive examination of contentious issues, paving the way for informed recommendations and potential reforms to enhance the electoral process.