Dr. Samura Kamara in an interview with the BBC on the current Economic situation in the country said a good manager should be able to manage a situation accordingly.

During an interview with the BBC Conducted by Renowned journalist Umaru Fofanah, Former Flag bearer of the Current opposition APC Dr.Samura Kamara has through light on the Current Economic Situation in the country.

Dr. Samura said he doesn’t think the present Government was expecting this type of difficulty in the economy and adds that it is also because they never appreciated the starting point.

“If you start a government by blaming your predecessor you’re confusing the general public and the business sector,” he said

He furthered that once you confused the business sector it’s because you don’t have any alternative and when you confused everybody, nobody will invest.

Umaru Fofanah asked Dr. Samurai if he did not appreciate the fact that there has been an Austerity Adoption Policy in the previous administration

justifying the previous regime Austerity Adoption Policy Dr. Samura said people misuse the concept of Austerity as Austerity does not mean a country is falling apart, but it simply means you Reach a certain point where you have to re- rationalize the balance between your expenditure and your revenue when your expenditure budget is much higher than your revenue stream.

Asked again by Umaru if he appreciates the fact that the government argues that in line with the current economic situation there are external factors beyond their control, such as the covid and the situation in Ukraine.

Dr. Samura in response said he agrees but in the national management, there are internal situations within your reach and external situations outside your control, but a good manager should be able to manage a situation accordingly. Adding that during the previous regime Ebola came and they managed it well also stating that Covid is not as lethal as Ebola was and that covid did have a lot of external assistance and should have been managed well.

Umaru again said some may disagree that Ebola was just confined to just three countries so the world could come and help as compared to Covid which was all over wherein everyone has to mind their own business.

Dr samura in response also said that yet covid did have a lot of external help but what he is saying is that the impact on the economy of covid is not as lethal as Ebola was.

Finally asked what he will have done differently if he had won the 2018 Elections to change the tide of the economy the country is faced with

Dr.Samura said he would reserve his opinion when he becomes president.